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Lady in the Water site online

LadyintheWater.jpgThe official Lady in the Water website is online, kicking off with a Flash trailer and containing some different trailer formats as well as a fair few picture downloads.

The trailer, once again, gets me perfectly. You see the mystery and appearance of the Lady herself and all is nice and ethereal. Then things become darker, and some of the imagery in the trailer looks typical Shymalan and quite creepy. I'm very excited about this release and no matter what people say about the director and his films, I'm a fan.

What about you? Have a look at the official site and see.



This is in my must-see films for this year! Love Night!

Me too Simone, have enjoyed all of his films - particularly 'The Village' which was treated a bit harshly by the critics I thought, but Bryce Dallas Howard's performance was brilliant, so I'm keen to see how she does in this.

Hey Jayne, have you been to the feature Richard wrote re: Shyamalan? We had an interesting discussion there too, its never too late to say something! ;-)


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