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Lake House vs Tokyo Drift

Cameo-Screen1.jpgIt's interesting looking at reviews, especially when they've been grouped together and given a percentage rating, and then to compare them against other films on release. For instance take The Lake House and pitch it against The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, which would win?

Well over at Rotten Tomatoes, Tokyo Drift is pulling in 38% over 68 reviews, whereas The Lake House is pulling 30% over 91 reviews.

It's very close, and those scores are of right now, liable to change at the merest moment. However it's quite interesting looking at two new releases of totally different genres to see who is winning. It's also worth noting that Lake House is pulling two huge leads in a partnership that captured the audience imagination and propelled them towards stardom. Now reunited they can't beat fast cars and explosions with a relatively unknown cast.

However there are some things to bear in mind. At a conference I once heard an Management Information expert talk about statistics, now bear in mind I can't remember this word for word so I'll so the best I can. He said that in 19xx the divorce rate rose by xx%, the same percentage increase as the sale of bananas. Fact. You could then assume that the divorces were caused by banana sales. Amusing, and it drove home his point. The interpretation of stats can mean anything you want them to.



Thats a different way of looking at stats there. ;-)

I am a little excited to see Lake House, maybe its because of the Reeves-Bullock team up or because of the plot that I find really amusing. Besides, its always a good feeling to fall in love even just watching films like this. *swoons*


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