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Last Kiss teaser at Zach Braff

ZachBraff.jpgPaul Haggis is a writer I really like, nah love. After Million Dollar Baby I fell apart. His latest project is called The Last Kiss and it stars Zach Braff who carries the exclusive teaser over at his new blog site through Moviehole.

Braff is not just a funny guy, he's a big blogger and shows some serious respect to his fans, so it's well worth checking out his blog which will also be added to the Filmstalker Filmmakers Feed page.

You can see the teaser on the front page of Zach Braff's website where he also has a couple of posts and a cool introduction to what the site is going to be about. It sounds like it's going to be a good one.

As for the teaser...oh boy, expect angst and tears featuring a cool cast and an equally good soundtrack.



So this is actually a remake?

"L'Ultimo Bacio" (th eoriginal title) was written by Gabriele Muccino wherein she is credited as one of the writers for this film alongside Haggis. I wonder what the original was like?


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