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Ledger turns down Crowe role

HeathLedger.jpgThe news that Russell Crowe had been dropped from the Baz Luhrmann epic also suggested that Heath Ledger was set to take over the role. Well reports are that he's turned it down.

From Digital Spy comes the news:

...Ledger has reportedly passed on the project in favour of another film, according to the Australian Daily Telegraph.

So he's off to look for another Australian actor...will he just keep working down the list, or will he look outside the Australian talent pool? Perhaps it will come back to Crowe in the end?



There's Guy Pearce and David Wenham (who played Faramir in LotR and was Van Helsing's sidekick?), or go to New Zealand and there's Karl Urban.

Again, I dont mind giving it back to Crowe, but now I highly doubt if they will reconsider him, here's another link regarding him losing the job.



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