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Lucas wants Connery in Indy 4

SeanConnery.jpgAt the AFI awards ceremony for Sean Connery, George Lucas stated that he wants Connery to play Daddy Jones again in the next Indy movie Indiana Jones 4. No offence to anyone involved Lucas, but you better get a move on.

From Access Hollywood through Coming Soon:

"I would love him to be in the next 'Indiana Jones'... maybe I can push him into it," said Lucas.

When asked if he knew whether or not Connery wanted to appear in the film, Lucas said, "I think he does."

Lucas jokingly added, "We are writing him in whether he wants to do it or not."

So far there's been nothing positive said about Connery returning, and as I said, people aren't getting any younger and this project shows all the signs of turning into a long drawn out production. Actually my biggest issue is with Ford, he's turned into a mumbling shadow of his former self on screen. Comparing a performance of the last Jones film against that of say, Firewall (review), and you'll see all the problems right there. Will this project make it with these stars?



Would love to see Henry back in Indy IV, I think one of the main reasons why Indy 3 was so much fun to watch was because of Mr. Connery's presence. But they do need to hurry up on this, Richard is right, neither Ford or Connery are getting any younger.

So please Mr Lucas sir, finish that screenplay already!

Dear Mr.Lucas,Please consider me as Sean's Double for no.4.I am Dennis Keogh,The very Best Sean Connery double out there so say many.I have been on TV. here in Phoenix & have been mistaken for Sean Hundreds of times.I perform here locally. Google "Dennis Keogh" Impersonator and please read my story.Thank you,Sincerely "007 of the Desert"


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