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Luthor hacks Superman Returns site

Spacey_Luthor.jpgThe marketing department for Superman Returns has gone wild for the last push before the movie release by allowing Lex Luthor to take over the show.

Over at the official film site everything starts off as normal, but then things start to go a little strange. Found through Cinematical.

There's a couple of places where Luthor has gone mad on the old hacking side, just check the downloads and his very own MySpace page. Just a few of the changes by the meglomaniac. Now if only Supes could use a computer without breaking or melting the keyboard.

Is this marketing going to really grab you? Is movie marketing just a constant noise in the background for you nowadays or does it really actually catch your attention?



Thats soo awesome. lol

I didn't really need more marketing to convince me to see this film, already knew for sure I was going to weeks ago. This seems just a fun extra thing to do before the film is released, I give their marketing department or whatever credit for having this idea. Thats brilliant.

Absolutely brilliant and funny!!! Lex Luthor, you rule!!! Kick that Supes ass!!!


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