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Madonna turns Director

MadonnaandGuy.jpgOh dear lord. Madonna seems to be talking about following in the steps of her husband, Guy Ritchie, and turning Director.

From The Mirror paper through gigwise.com, comes her comments on not returning to acting, but directing is the way for her to go.

"I'm more interested in directing now. I have so many tales to tell. Making movie for me was never about being a movie star; it was about being a good actress. But it’s not easy with the critics going after you before the movie is even released. It’s easier to be a visionary as a director."

Now it is true, her acting hasn't been that great, even in Bond she seemed stilted and somewhat uncomfortable, and that was just a short part. Perhaps it is time for her to go behind the camera, and perhaps Ritchie can pass on advice.

What do you think, has she been unfairly criticised, and could she turn out to be a good Director? Should she turn her hand to it, or should she just call it a day? What did you think of her acting talents?



Her actress career was a disaster, and I doubt she has any idea of directing, seriously. Why not stay at what she really knows how to do? I mean... simulating she is a good singer LOL

Totally agree...she should stick to what she does best. Yoga isn't it?...

You two are horrible! *gasps*

But I actually agree! LOL

Well I like her music, I really do. Human Nature was one of my favourite songs from her, and then there's Frozen. Good singer.

The rest? Well I think we're all on the same thought process here.

I'm a huge Madonna fan, she can't do much wrong in my book, except try her hand at acting that is. Evita is the best thing she's done but it wasn't much of a stretch for her. I think she should give directing a go if that is what she wants but hopefully if she sucks she'll realise and give it up.

Totally agree with your favourite songs Richard. Might I also add Holiday. I could go on but I'll spare you all.

Oh gads! Madonna needs to stick her singing/performancing career and stay away from the movies! She's was an awful actress and I just can't imagine directing going any better. Perhaps she'll prove us wrong, but the idea makes me cringe.


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