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Matrix sequel?

AgentSmith.jpgThere's a very small and short rumour walking around that perhaps there's going to be another Matrix, or a spin off tale at least.

The rumour goes that...well...there is nothing to the rumour really, apart from gossip over at Moviehole that there might be another.

I recall Clint telling me a while back, that he was over at the Joel Silver compound at Warner, and had heard something about it. I think, back then, they were talking about doing something with 'The Kid' played by Clayton Watson – but that might have turned into the "Animatrix"

So a real rumour if ever I saw one, but this aside, would you go for another Matrix film? I would love to see something about kicking off the next game between the two systems and seeing people involved in the next round. It would be cool to see how characters evolved, how much control they were given by the systems, and how different things worked out this time around. After all although the two systems were in control, how much was down to individual choice?

Could you see another one? How could they work it? Spin off, sequel or prequel? Same characters, or could they do it with new?



I'd love to see another Matrix. I thought the mythology as a whole was amazing. Wachiowskis here's a free idea: What if "The Kid" falls in love with a program within the Matrix with, hmm, lets say, the last exile "Seti". What would become of this child since one is human and one is program. And what if the next "One" would actually fulfill the prophecy, where his next comming would bring the destruction of the matrix. The machines find a way to get rid of the "perpetual storm" and humans and machines live hapily ever after... or something like that.

Just an idea

It's certainly an interesting one, but do you not feel that the series was somewhat tainted by the second and third films?

It got off to such a powerful start in the first installment.

Well the same could be said of Die Hard (though obviously to a lesser extent) and the Rocky films, and the Police Academy films Okay maybe not so much.. but you get my point, if they make one as a "sorry, here's our attempt at fixing it", then i approve.

If their intent is simply rake in on fans, like Final Destination (past the 2nd one) & the Saw films (only after III) then I disapprove.

It's so unfortunate that my approval means buggerall to them, don't you think? ;-)

That's true Ram. There is a chance that they could come in with some new Matrix films and bring the series back in the eye of the audience, but "fix" the series?

I don't think it's possible to fix the series with the endings they have now.

Well I guess it'd be tough, but with the whole matrix universe there is room for flexibility with justification. Eg; if the whole thing just slowly zoomed out & turned out to be one of the TV's in the architect's room in Matrix Level 2, thought it would seem a bit of a cop out but if they use the 2nd & 3rd films to now explain multiple level matrices, room is there to salvage it. This is just me spitballing, as I say with some thought I think it could be done.

I could see it working by revisiting the cycle again, that way they aren't playing around anything to get it working, and at the end of the third they reveal that it keeps going with different outcomes.

Yea, kinda smilar to the concept of what hindus believe with re-incarnation, you die, you're re-born .. & thus the cycle goes on & on .. except under certain xircumstances.. (& this is what they could explore)

There's your script Ram...get a treatment together!

I kindof already have 3 alternative re-incarnation treatments, wouldn't want to get reptitive.


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