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McTiernan directs new action film

JohnMcTiernan.jpgJohn McTiernan who gave us the first and third in the Die Hard series will not direct the fourth. Instead he's planning a new movie called Deadly Exchange.

Deadly Exchange, from a script by Ron Shusett and Ian Rabin, revolves around a terrorist who goes undetected as he hunts down the FBI agent who assassinated his father 10 years earlier.

The story through Coming Soon sounds interesting, and I wonder if it will concentrate on the terrorist or the FBI agent? I think it would be good if it did look at the terrorist, but I suspect it shan't. It's actually a real shame he's not directing the fourth film, some people are attributing that to his recent personal problems with the courts. Is this perhaps why his new tale is about hunting down FBI agents?

In my eyes though he can do know wrong, he is after all the man who directed Predator...and I just ignore the darker marks on his career...



Predator- of course!!!

But you forgot to mention "The Hunt for Red October", I thought that was really done very well.

And no wonder that in the Die Hard franchise, the 1st and the 3rd are easily my favorites.

Here's an eco aware anecdote...

When he made "Medicine Man", McTiernan planned to film it in the same forest where he made "Predator" five years early. Alas McTiernan discovered the forest was no longer around. :-(

I agree with Simone, the Hunt is the best Jack Ryan movie ever made.

And McTiernan returning to action, it´s great news. The plot seems very interesting.

I thought Clear and Present Danger was another good Jack Ryan film.


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