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Mission Impossible 4 in Tokyo?

MiIII.jpgAccording to Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 4 (M:I4 or M:I:4 or MI:4) is to have a stunning sequence set in Tokyo which will top all those previously and shut down half the city. That is when the film begins development!

From Contact Music through Cinematical comes the slightly tongue in cheek comment.

"People might not be very happy with the traffic but if they will please be patient and let us have it (downtown Tokyo) for one week, we will have a sequence that will be forever remembered."

It was said with a nod and a wink to the director and the previous shoot for Mission Impossible III which resulted in areas of Shanghai being shut down at night for the shooting and was part of the promotional work in Tokyo for the movie. Yes it's said jokingly and with tongue in cheek, but I wonder how seriously people are now working in the background to get things rolling on Mission Impossible IV?

Personally I'd love to see another...would you?



Absolutely - having loved M:I:3, I'm more than ready for part 4 especially if they are going to continue to give us fantastic action sequences. Bring it on!

I would, I would too Richard, I loved M:i:III! Oh wow, isnt this great Jayne???? Jayne and I here both love Tom Cruise, so this is such a great news! Wow!!!

Hey Simone, yes I do love Tom Cruise in this role and as long as the films continue on from the high standard set by M:I:3, they can make as many as they like and I'll be there every time. I guess a lot of it hangs on what director they bring in. We don't want a repeat of M:I:2 now do we?

M:i:II? What's that???


Seriously, I hope they wouldnt explore Ethan Hawke as a doting father and get his family involved in the situations, that will be too cheesy I think.

Don't you mean Ethan Hunt...call yourself a Cruise fan? tut tut, hang your head in shame ;-)
But I do agree with your point - we don't want to see the whole 'secret agent having to save his family' theme in this franchise. Just keep him jumping off buildings, chasing bad guys and playing with cool gadgets!


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