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More X-Men 4 denials

X-Men3.jpgX-Men franchise producer Ralph Winter has announced quite firmly that there will be no X-Men 4 movie:

"This is the last movie of this type. There might be spin-offs, but it would be hard to gather this cast or a bigger one for another movie of this size."

That was the word from him through Cinematical, and quite final it is too. This is surprising, and quite refreshing from a Studio, especially considering how well the film is doing and how much it's taking at the box office.

Still, as he say's it's not really over, spin-offs are guaranteed as the universe of X-people is so huge. We're seeing two already, and there's so many that have their own story, it won't really be the end altogether. Yet it seems they are adamant that there will be no direct sequel with the bulging original cast. Do you believe them?



Should I hold thy breath?

I don't know if I believe it or not, but I do kind of love the sound of a studio saying there won't be a sequel to a film. It's not something you hear them say often these days...

No, I don't believe them. This movie made $125M in three days, $196M in four. Eventually, that will be too tempting to ignore. They may not be able to get the entire cast together again but with so many different X-men, surely they can pull together a large enough cast to make a decent movie.

This is another publicity stunt for sure, it's like them saying "well, listen to these people, we are not making another X-Men film so come and watch the film again, and again and again." And people will!

Besides, when they make the spin-offs surely that will generate as much income anyway probabaly even more! So yes, keep denying it and get more dough!

See I think some people can't understand that they aren't saying "no more movies based in this universe to cash in on the revenue stream" but that they are saying "no more direct sequels to X-Men4".

They aren't ignoring how much this made at all, that's why we're getting Wolverine, Magneto and a Wolverine TV series - they are cashing in.

Are these movies not going to cash in on the X-Men series? Of course they are, and they are spin offs. So they can easily say no more sequels and still rake that revenue stream in.

My sentiments exactly Richard.

Makes sense to me...let the trilogy be done.


they've left it too open not to make a fourth film, anyone that saw the part after the credits should know this (the professor is alive) and the fact that magneto still has some power

No, I don't believe that there isn't going 2 be a X men4. Exspecially when x men3 the last stand made alot of money i just a few days and since the third movie was full of suspents the fourth one should be breath taking it would be double the amount of money in box right know!!!!

God if they don't make a x men 4 i'll go mad and i'm only 13.And i really enjoy'd the films c'mon i want the 4th

there makin 8 spiderman films why only 3 x-men films i really gettin on my nerves and i'm a massive x-men fan.

NOOOO... i think there should be a X-MEN 4!!!
why whould they put megneto at the end with some of his powers still with him???.... if he still has some of his powers then so will rogue!..(remember that rou\gue went to get 'the cure').. and when Professer Xavior said "if somone wanted to transfer him/herself to a body with no brain waves..." or something like that i cant remember it word for word.. but he described himself if u listed carefully!... and thats what happens... he transfer's himself there when gene is going crazy with her powers!!!....
oh and if they need actors... ill gladly do it!... ive always dreamed of being a superhero!

Whyyyyyyyyyyy? Because you guy could do it. You guys make the impossible, possible, and besides I love rougue she my favorit character......=) I need to see her in action...........=)

P.S. And if you guys need a new character im gladly to do it.......... Lol .........

Why? Because you guy could do it. You guys make the impossible, possible, and besides I love rougue she my favorit character I need to see her in action

P.S. And if you guys need a new character im gladly to do it.

make a new x-men movies because you left to many opens in the movie megneto still have some of his powers. annd you did not put my boy the movie the one with the cards and the poll. and if you need a new person i do it.

I think there ahould be another x men movie with spike and storm in it and i the perfect person to play spike give me a call if you need any new characters jamarion powell monroe,louisiana at R.H.School

the guys who has written their comments before me are all the hungers of role in x 4 movies ..i will give you the smashing story for next x movie for free of cost bcoz i am a true x fan.you can contact me any time on my id.


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