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MTV Award clips online

MTVAward.jpgClips from the MTV Awards are online now, and they include some performances, award speeches, and most importantly those parody moments that MTV always do. Sorry I didn't mean for that to sound negative (if that's the way you read it), I actually love these sketches and I'm downloading them as we speak.

Unfortunately they are hosted on that annoying Megaupload system through Megaleecher, but if you can get through that process to download the files then you can have a few laughs. I've just managed to download and watch the Da Vinci Code spoof, and that's the King Kong arrived...



Normally I love the MTV movie awards spoofs. I didn't find them funny at all this year. Although I may have been wearing my grumpy hat at the time..

Man you must have been, the M:I:III was very funny! Mind you, the rest was hit and miss.


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