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New Lord of the Rings DVD Boxsets

LordoftheRings_Boxset.jpgYes, they are bleeding everything out of us. Not content with the content (get it) on the current Lord of the Rings DVD Boxsets you have already? Even if you are, New Line are coming out with even more material and gimmicks for the next release.

According to Yahoo News the releases will feature:

Three "The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition" sets, one for each movie, will roll out August 29. Each two-disc set will include the original theatrical and the extended versions of the film, along with Costa Botes' feature-length documentary on each film's creation...in which director Peter Jackson and his crew gave Botes full access to the set for hours of behind-the-scenes footage.

So I love extras on DVDs and I always wait for the Special Editions to be released, but releasing a set and holding back extras for another release really does bug me. If the content is there, throw it against the release, don't hold back. Sure, I can get releasing a normal and then special edition, some people don't want the extras, but those who do don't want to buy multiple copies.

Come on and give us some credit here, are you saying these purpose made documentaries weren't added to the original special editions because they didn't think people would want to see them? These would be on DVD's that studios release with made for TV marketing features, trailers for the movie you're watching already, photo galleries available online, blah blah blah...Yeah, you're pulling a fast one for a new release and more sales potential.

Will you buy into that?



No way! Youre right, talk about bleeding us dry!

The reason I didnt buy the theatrical versions of the film was because I know a friend who bought it for Fellowship and then they announced that they were releasing the extended versions at the end of the year, it really upset him. I waited until the extended versions are released, but sorry, I am not going to fall for this one. I might not even buy the unaltered Star Wars DVD, a film I strongly love, why for this one?

Not that "preciousssssssss..."

Keep this for you, Mr. Jackong.

LOLOLOL Jackong, Peter????

I refuse to spend one more dime on anything LOR! Especially when there are so many other things I need in life.


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