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Nighy speaks Pirates of the Caribbean

BillNighy.jpgBill Nighy has been speaking about his career, and in particular his appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. There's not much to go on because, as always, they'll get shot for revealing too much of the plot before the film, but he does give us a little about what Davy Jones does and is.

From Coming Soon:

Well, Davy Jones is very damaged and very hurt, and like a lot of people who've been profoundly hurt, his only remaining pleasure is to see other people suffer, and he's extremely good at it. He also has some friends, which as you say, I'm not at liberty to tell you about yet, who could kill you in about 18 different ways. There isn't anybody scarier than Davy Jones, and if he came into your life, he would come in at the point of death, and he would offer you a deal. It's a really, really, really, really lousy deal, but at that stage of the game, it's the only deal in town. I'd get fired if I tell you anything specific.

Sounds cool, although just about as much as we had gathered from the trailers. Still, it's a nice little teaser for the movie, and there's a little talk of the special effects for his character, the rest shows what a darn nice guy Nighy appears to be.



Looking forward to this one as I managed to miss the first movie at the cinema, so I'll definately be checking this one out on the big screen. Big Bill Nighy fan too - his performance in 'Love Actually' was hilarious and did anyone see him in a little film called 'Blow Dry' where he played a champion hairdresser? He was brilliant in that, alongside the equally excellent Alan Rickman.

Oh yes, I loved him in "Love Actually", and as Viktor in Underworld. I was also impressed by his turn in "The Constant Gardener", he has got this presence. I havent seen many of his films but for sure the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel will be added to the list.


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