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Omen 6 minute teaser online

Omen666.jpgSix minutes for a teaser may seem odd, but not with The Omen remake, especially with it being released on the 6th of June 2006. I say teaser because it isn't a linear clip, what Fox have done is cut together a whole raft of short clips from the film and made one long teaser trailer, and I have to say it looks good. It also might just contain all the spooky images from the movie, so watch it only if you're happy for that to be.

The teaser can be seen directly from Fox in a WMV stream format found through Jo Blo who in turn caught it on Latino Review. It'll start straight away so make sure you're ready to hit pause while you wait for it to download. I always find that the best advice, wait for it to download before watching.

There's the controversial scenes of current events in here, so we see a few brief shots of the Twin Towers attack mixed with other modern day footage of how our world is getting more and more overrun with evil.

That aside, it looks creepy, brooding and quite dramatic in places. There looks to be a lot of Exorcist style creepiness going on than I first thought. To be honest I thought it would be awful, but this promises something different. Sure you can recut trailers anyway you want, but this is six minutes worth of good looking footage.




Oh Richard! You have to stop doing this! (I am hoping you know why I am laughing hysterically here!)


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