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Parker to direct Theron in Ice tale

CharlizeTheron.jpgAlan Parker is directing the film The Ice at the Bottom of the World starring Charlize Theron in a dramatic tale which promises much. Interestingly Kimberly Peirce was listed as directing on IMDB.

The blurb comes from Variety through Coming Soon:

"Ice," a drama that Mark Richard wrote from his fictional short story, is set in Chesapeake Bay, where a grizzled Navy captain reluctantly retires for health reasons. Theron will play one of his daughters, a heroin addict and out-of-control single mother.

Another superbly strong and gritty role for Theron, something she excels at. I love seeing her onscreen, and with a great tale and character behind her this might just produce something excellent again. Then there's the added bonus of the excellent Parker directing the story. It is indeed a very promising film. What do you say?



Count me in - I'm a big fan of Charlize Theron and am looking forward to seeing her in this role. Perhaps another Oscar nod, and all will be forgiven for Aeon Flux! Do we know why Parker took over from Kimberley Pierce? I thought 'Boys Don't Cry' was a very powerful film and well handled and I would've been interested to see her take on this story.

I've no idea, although she does have an "untitled project" under her name in pre-production. Perhaps that's a more important project for her?

This sounds like a good role for Theron and I'm a big fan of her work. It's fabulous to see a smart, pretty, talented actress continue to take on such good roles.


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