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Pheonix in Reservation Road

JoaquinPheonix.jpgJoaquin Pheonix is set to continue his trademark and oscar winning intense character driven performances with a role in the film adaptation of John Burnham Schwartz's novel entitled Reservation Road. The story reads like a perfect casting...

From TMZ through Cinematical tells us the blurb...

It's about a college professor whose 10-year-old son is killed in a hit-and-run accidental, who then goes on a "desperate search" for the driver of the car. In the other corner is the driver, a self-loathing, "deeply damaged man who's torn between turning himself in for the crime and saving his own hide,"

Wow, that sounds like something you would attribute to Sean Penn or Kevin Bacon, and Pheonix's name fits right in with that group these days. It would actually be great to see the other lead role taken by Penn or Bacon, we shall wait and hear.



Totally. Throw in another great actor opposite and this could be cinematic gold. Penn would be nice.

Phoenix has co-starred with Penn in U-Turn. Joaq will nail it as he always does! Only hope Ruffalo has as much passion because this movie sounds very emotional so watch out!- phoenix will steal the show.its a natural for him. Such a profound actor, he has been a leading man for a long time!

I was watching the shooting of this movie in Easton, CT. Joaquin Pheonix was very passionate indeed. I heard from a neighbor that after an intense shoot he went inside the Bluebird Inn and was yelling and shouting and punched a hole through the wall! Dont forget Jennifer Connelly though. I saw her acting through the monitors cause I was sitting behind the director. Even without hearing the sound, just her expressions were very emotional and heartfelt. Can you say Oscar?! I met her after the shoot and got a picture with her. She's just as sweet and friendly as you'd think but I heard someone say that "under no circumstances" is Joaquin signing any autographs so I didn't even ask. Paul Bettany, the British director of the film was very nice though also and it was sweet seeing him taking little walks around the set with his wife Jennifer on breaks. They're so cute together!

Thanks Stephanie, always great to hear something from the set itself.

I've heard that Pheonix is very intense on set and really gets into his characters. Some actors are like that and let the character take them over.

Oh Connelly is wonderful. I saw her in House of Sand and Fog and realised that she's way more than a stunningly beautiful actress. Her performance in that film just blew me away.

Actually Paul Bettany isn't directing the film, it's Terry George (Hotel Rwanda). However I have heard they are a wonderful couple together.

I've heard from other sources that Joaquin was really nice and signed autographs for people who were standing outside.

I love filmmaking. It is the best ever art!!!


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