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Pink Panther 2 and 3?!

SteveMartin.jpgIt looks like Steve Martin is set to reprise the worst role of his career as word is coming out that there's going to be a sequel to The Pink Panther!

According to Dark Horizons through Cinematical the news is even more shocking...

Steve Martin is rumoured to be doing not one, but two sequels to his god awful "Pink Panther" redux for MGM and Sony.

There is one good bit of news, the people behind the camera seem to be improving. Martin is apparently now polishing a script by "Dodgeball" writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber and Mike Saltzman that sees Inspector Clouseau placed on special assignment with Scotland Yard

Two sequels? What the hell is he thinking? At least Kevin Kline, Jean Reno, and Emily Mortimer are all being reported as declining the chance to appear in these epics, however Rachel Stevens is being considered for the female lead, a step down from Beyoncé Knowles...and that's the best news out of this entire story!

Can you believe that they've started working on scripts for this? At least the scriptwriters have improved, but still Martin is putting the finishing touches and I really doubt his comic ability these days, particularly after having the self-belief to try and take over from Peter Sellers.



they should miss out the middle man and call these.

IamGoingtoBeRubbish part two
IamGoingtoBeEvenWorseThanOneNTwo part three

What is he thinking? Probably "I can get paid a shitload of money for doing these".

I didn't see the Steve Martin remake, but wasn't it universally panned? Sequels are fine (and to expected these days) if there's a willing audience out there but did the first one even make any decent money at the box office? Like James said - doesn't take a genius to know why Steve Martin would be on board, but I fail to understand the studio's reasoning...


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