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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest trailer online

POTCDeadMansChest_Poster.jpgI know it's been seen before, but I've just watched that long and hilarious trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest again and it deserves another entry now it's over at Apple in all its glory.

I don't think I've laughed this much at a trailer since that one for Comedian, or been so caught up in the adventure since...lord...perhaps Indiana Jones! With them both coupled together the movie does look quite spectacular. Then there are the effects, seeing them in this quality is amazing.

Trailer at Apple. [S:M:L:XL:iPod]

What do you think, is this series going from strength to strength, and is this really the big challenger for Superman this summer?



The trailer for Pirates Of The Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest looks awesome. It has the perfect mixture of action/adventure, comedy and superb visuals.

I wasn't a HUGE fan of the 1st, it was good but Johnny Depp was definitely the high point of the movie (as I'm sure most people agree).

But this one definitely has me pumped, and if I was to be completely honest I'd say I'm looking forward to this more than Superman Returns.

Is this the big challenger to Superman Returns? You bet your ass it is! Even Warner Bros seem to be slightly worried, as evident from their changing of the US release date.

I enjoyed the first film but I am not what you would call a big fan of it. Sure I love Depp but that's about it, oh and of course the ILM effects.

But Superman Returns remain as my most anticipated film.

This film looks very entertaining. a great combination of slapstick humour, depp pretending to be drunk(or similar, maybe just a little bit loco) and keira knightly impersonating a goldfish

(note:keira please close your mouth when not talking.....raaaaah!)

NEWSFLASH AT DAILY PLANET: this is going to be better than superman. there i said it.


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