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Pitt and DiCaprio fight over zombies

BradPitt.jpgThe production companies of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio were engaged in quite a bidding war over the last few days to secure the rights to World War Z, a more serious look at a world overrun by zombies, written by Max Brooks the writer of Zombie Survival Guide. Pitt's company Plan B won the bidding.

The story sounds good, if it's going to take a serious stab at the genre rather than going the traditional route of shambling zombies and comic violence and gore. From Yahoo News:

"World War Z" also tackles the zombie genre but is set 10 years after a great global zombie epidemic and is a serious oral history of the zombie future told from many perspectives around the world. Crown Publishing is putting the book out in the fall...

...In 2003, Brooks wrote "Zombie Survival Guide," which explained in great deadpan detail how to survive a supposedly impending zombie apocalypse. The book went on to become a surprise cult hit.

Apparently when a franchise was sniffed the two companies became involved and went at it for the bidding war, finally the rights were secured for six figures and, according to the news source, hitting seven figures if the film is actually made.

Will it be a Pitt starrer do you think? Could he pull off a serious zombie movie?



Well, he's' done vampires, so to go on to play a zombie seems a logical move!

Ohhh- I'm going to buy that book now :-)

Oooooooooh, best news I've heard in awhile. Another zombie movie coming? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt...

Although not a Pitt fan, I must say I loved his take on Louis in Interview of the Vampire. Tom Cruise as Lestat was FANTASTIC!

I think I better watch Shawn of the Dead first!

I love Zombie movies - bad and good - they're always such fun! Though I tend to have nightmares for the next couple of nights afterwards. LOL

This project could be a lot of fun, I haven't read World War Z, but I think I might need to. I am very familiar with Zombie Survival Guide and it's so great. IF we were ever to have a Zombie invasion this is the book that would help keep you alive.

BTW ...did you know that there are people who have a real life phobia of Zombies? It's kind of funny to hear them talk about their fear. In fact, there are some who are prepared for a Zombie outbreak just as if they would prepare for a natural disaster.


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