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Pixars Cars mixed reviews

Cars.jpgIt's interesting that the reviews for Cars are so up and down, and the majority of the ones that are up are heavily falling on two aspects, Pixars past and computer animation.

Over at Rotten Tomtaoes has it rated heavily on 73% (well this second it is!), and so surely that doesn't show it in a bad light?

It's interesting to read through those reviews and see the talk of previous Pixar films and the rich animation, and to see, in comparison to the 73% score, how many are saying the film is a very good one.

There's an interesting article with comments over at Autoblog about the first review:

"For a huge stretch of the film, there's not what you would call a story going on. There are just cars hanging out." Uh, is that a bad thing? That's how we plan to spend our retirement - hanging out with cars...how cool is it that the numbers on the license plate of Luigi, a Fiat 500 in the film, represent the latitude and longitude of the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

Ah...yes...I'm sure the entire audience were in rips at that reference! I think there is a reliance on the car factor, Pixar's history and the animation. I'm definitely going to see this and review it as a stand alone movie and see if it still holds up.



I am definitely going to see this film, I am not much of a big animation fan but I think I will enjoy this one.


The good one is going to be Ratatouille. This one never made it for me.

Yeah, thanks for telling me about the Ratatouille trailer by the way.

I'll go but I'm not overly-hyped about it. The harsh reality is that Cars was always going to be compared to Pixar's last feature, The Incredibles which was such an unbelievably good movie, for all audiences!

In saything that, I do believe Cars should be judged on it's own merits as a movie in itself, not Pixar's previous body of work.

Plus the animation in the trailers looks gorgeous!

I've not seen any of the Pixar films yet, which I'm sure makes me some kind of freak, but my impression is that so far all of them have been both critical and box office hits. That sort of hundred percent strike rate is frankly impossible to maintain, and the effort to do so despite that impossibility places massive pressure on Pixar to outperform themselves, because they know everyone's going to compare the next film to all the previous ones. I really wouldn't want to be them, to be honest. I think there's always a tendency with critics to compare the most recent work to the one before, but Pixar seem to be in a harder position than most...

My 3 year old boy and I saw it at 9:15 this morning in a theater about half full. The shows after that started selling out quickly.

For a couple of reasons, I don't think Cars is going to be as big a box office success as previous Pixar films:

1. Commercials before the Movie: With the movie coming in at almost 2 hours, the unbelievable excess of commercials before the movie makes it nearly impossible to make it through with young children without problems. My theater had something like 20 minutes between commercials and a Pixar short (the short was very good, btw). My son made it, but many others near the same age didn't.

2. The parts that take place in Radiator Springs are a bit slow for a toddler. Don't get me wrong...they're good, just not much action. My son actually asked if it was over at a critical point in the movie and seemed to want to leave (keep in mind he's been really pumped to see this movie).

As a result, I don't think you'll see nearly the kind of repeat kid business that Monsters, Nemo, and Toy Story demanded. This is more akin to the Incredibles.

And, even if you don't like the movie, the stuff during the credits is worth the price of admission.

Saw it last night, haven't had time to review it yet but I can tell you I'll be giving it 5 out of 5.


whoever wrote this article wasn't paying attention to the film at all.

nearly everything that happened after he got to the town had something meaningful within it. maybe he, like my 12 year old stepson and 3 year old flatmates' son, completely missed what the STORY WAS ALL ABOUT...

can't wait to hear your honest opinion. Most negative ones i'm reading are biased for one reason or just ignorant. I'm not trying to toot pixars' horn (pun) and if they had made a bad movie i'd be the first to admit it....but 75% on Rotten tomatoes is totally fair. the film is great...not top notch , but definitely great.

Interesting comments, and huge thanks hap for giving us the actual story of the film, after all it's all about the kids...or is it, if Vic is giving us a good review.

I'll let you know when Vic has his posted, and I'll try and get to see it as soon as I can and give you a review.

Mogulus I really think that those reviews are based on expectations. Those ones quoted are car people looking for cool car stuff, and as for Rotten Toms I think that the high percentage mark there is just a coincidence. If you look at all the comments the majority are referring to the previous work and the state of the animation, there's not that many talking about the film in itself - as hap does above.

I'm definitely going to catch this one myself and give an honest, unfettered opinion...I hope!

You know, I never really said whether or not I liked the movie. I loved the movie, and I don't really like NASCAR all that much. I should also mention that my 3 year old is now begging to go see it again, so I could be completely off my rocker with my previous post.

Watching the trailers, this is the kind of movie it would work much better in 2D. The cars are worryingly unexpressive. John Lassetter directs it, anyway, so maybe I´m wrong.

Review is up, changed my mind and made it 4.5 out of 5. :-)


Vic's review is over at...


...and is very positive.

Just read Vic's review and it is very positive. PIXAR rules eh?

I'll wait for Richard to post in the Watch List as to when is the UK release date for this. I must say, this is the first time I will watch an animated film on my own.

Funny, because I love animation cinema, but never manage to convince anyone to watch them. Most people ignore the art.


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