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Plot revealed for Pirates of the Caribbean 3?

POTC-WorldsEnd.jpgPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is going to be the end of the Pirates trilogy, and the end of the line for Jack Sparrow in the cinematic world, everyone say awwww...and now say it again and mean it. Early reports on the internet have the rough plot details, and there may be unknown spoilers.

I say that because the site that hosts the plot outline has a strong warning and explanation about it, suggesting that there are plot spoilers once you've seen the ending of the second film. So, I won't say anything I might think could be construed as a spoiler, and instead if you really want to know, you can head over to the site with the details. Be aware that they also have plot details of Ratatouille and Meet the Robinsons too.

You can read the details over at Jim Hill Media through Jo Blo, who also have some nice shots of the Dead Man's Chest creatures for you.

Frankly though the plot outline they have doesn't really tell us anything, apart from a few characters may be alive that we think might be dead and vice versa...that sort of thing. Ooops...maybe I've said too much!!



not that earth shattering as per spoilers.
the plot sounds climactic, to be sure. But for some reason it kinda strikes me as "fake", though i'm not going anywhere close to saying this guy's making it up. I just...dont know...when I heard the title "curse of the black pearl" and "dead mans' chest" the first thing I thought was "ooooh pirate stuff!"

with this title I'm thinking "judgement day"...It just comes off wrong.

Oh well. titles will be titles. And it's really far off for me to be casting assumptions about anything at this point, eh?

How far along in shooting are they? I heard they were filming 2 and 3 at the same time...were they actually doing this, Richard?

Mogulus, I see what you're saying and you could well be right. As far as we all know they are doing both back to back, and without concrete reports at the moment I'd say that they're doing just that.

There's no reason to wait and see box office returns on this one.

this site hardly has any spoillers!!!they need to tell us more about the movie other than "At World's End" and "It's the end for the trilogy". i think all of us "Pirates" lovers need more info than what people accually give us. now tell me am i right, or am i right?


Ehmm, Did I read there that the third movie is the last? Wrong! there will be a forth and maybe even a fifth movie! Everybody who likes this, go be happy but I personally don't like this because I think that if they produce to many POTC movies the following ones will not be as good as the first two (three?) and that will spoil the whole POTC 'vibe'. Who agrees??


Bugger off! Of course the rest of the films won't be crap, they have Johnny Depp in them haven't they? Stop saying things like that, you'll put the producers off making any more ;)

Johnny Depp stopped being able to ACT years ago.

He's a ONE TRICK pony and that trick is "quirkiness". It's his ONLY thing and anyone who can't see that is too caught up in the buzz to see the forest for the trees.


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