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Portman and Bana in Boleyn film

EricBana.jpgEric Bana and Natalie Portman are reportedly in final talks to join a film about the Boleyn sisters fighting each other for the ill fated hand of King Henry VIII. That's the one who beheaded his wives by the way.

According to Yahoo News Bana will play Henry VIII and Portman will play the successful sister, if you call that successful!

Television director Justin Chadwick has signed on to make his feature debut at the helm of the picture, which is based on a novel by Philippa Gregory...

...Peter Morgan ("The Last King of Scotland") adapted the screenplay...BBC Films, which originally acquired book rights and made a 2003 TV movie starring Natascha McElhone also is a producer on the feature project.

I never saw the BBC version with the stunningly gorgeous McElhone, but the fact that the original story is being eyed again for a feature should mean it is a strong tale, especially with both Bana and Portman looking at leads in the film. Who would play the second sister I wonder, because according to the title of the film it looks as though Portman may not be the focus of the story. The film is entitled The Other Boleyn Girl



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