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President promotes Venezuelan Hollywood

Cameo-Screen1.jpgThe President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has opened a film studio in his country which will try and halt the incursion of Hollywood into the culture of Latin America.

"It's a Hollywood dictatorship. They inoculate us with messages that don't belong to our traditions," he said.

Is the quote from the story in the BBC.

The goverment will be handing US $11m or GBP £5.8m to the industry in order to assist them in dominating the marketplace within Latin America.

Now for all the negative press this is getting because of the politics behind it, he's doing something that the UK and other industries round the world need to do, invest in their local film industry and build it up to rival the imported Hollywood movies. Not because they feel that it is having a negative affect on their culture, but because there is so much dross out there and there's much better to be made.

Couldn't all our industries do this very thing? Shouldn't they?



Without trying to be politically correct, why invest money on the movies, why not put the money to something worthwhile like education or housing? I dont know much of the political climate in Venezuela but that is just the practical side of me.

This is not a blog about politics.

So I won´t say anything.

I know it isnt! HMPFT!


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