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Reeves talks Constantine sequel

KeanuReeves.jpgI have to say that I really enjoyed the movie Constantine (review). Now I will state that I've never read the comics of the story, but the film was exciting, visually and story wise, and surprisingly Keanu Reeves suited the character to a tee. Now Reeves is talking about a possible sequel.

According to an quote from Superhero Hype there is some movement on the US $230.4 million earner.

"It's kind of in the air. Maybe. I'd love to, but I don't know if the producers would want to do it... It's a long story. We've got to figure it out."

That could be him just pimping the idea out to the studios, but either way this has to be a good thing. The original was great fun and there's plenty left for a sequel, isn't there? Didn't you love it?



Thank you for bringing this news item to my attention, Mr Brunton.

Filmstalker has become one of the first sites I check out when looking for film news, even ahead of Variety in fact. Good show!

I really enjoyed the first one. and agree that reeves was almost an exact copy of the character who was portraying.

fingers crossed for a sequel.

Alexander, don't you ever dare call me Mr Brunton again! ;)

Seriously, many thanks. For those of you who don't know I posted a thankyou to Alexander for giving Filmstalker a "via reference" on a news story he posted over at Bits of News, something not all sites do.

It's great to hear that you visit here before Variety. It just blows my mind how quickly this has taken off.

I like that Mr. Brunton remains very humble. Oh I meant Richard. ;-)

Welcome aboard Alexander.


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