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Rice from Vampires to Christ

ChristtheLord.jpgAnne Rice is most known for her Interview with the Vampire film, the start to a series that never really went anywhere. Well now she may get another chance as her planned series of four novels on Christ begins the road towards the movies with the sale of the rights to the first book, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.

I was tempted to write Africa there, but that's mixing up two movies. This marks a growing trend in Hollywood to bring more religious stories to the big screen as production companies with a religious and morally strong agendas pop up, and more bible-esque tales appearing in smaller productions.

I'm no religious person, but I do love those older epics such as The Robe...in fact that's one of my personal favourites. So if we're going to see more tales like that then I'm onboard. However, if it's going to be a series of preachings then count me out.

The story comes from Cinematical. Has anyone read these books? Which way do they swing? It's worth noting that the film will be similar to the novel as Rice herself will be writing the screenplay. I do wonder though, where does this leave her ideas about vampires?



I got to read 3 books of Anne Rice and youre right Richard, it was a series that never really went anywhere, I just didnt care anymore after reading the 3rd book.


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