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Robert Maxwell the movie

RobertMaxwell.jpgRobert Maxwell's life is soon to become a movie, after the success of the stage play. Maxwell is the newspaper tycoon that died by drowning with claims of suicide or murder the official verdict was accidental death. Afterwards it was revealed he had plundered his company employees pension schemes to fund his business.

From The Guardian comes the details.

Major producer Edward R Pressman, whose 70-film career includes Wall Street, Badlands and American Psycho, has bought the rights to the West End stage play Lies Have Been Told, which tells the life story of the larger-than-life press baron...

..."Maxwell's story is Citizen Kane meets Wall Street," Mr Pressman said after he saw the production in January. He will co-produce the film with one of the play's producers, Dale Djerassi...are meeting top directors and screenwriters in London this week to develop the film version of the play, which was written by Rod Beacham.

So it's speeding ahead. There's plenty of scandal and conspiracy in his life story, so it should make for an interesting film. Has anyone seen the stage play and can comment? One of the interesting aspects of this is that there will be an entire cast, the stage play has a limited one, which means that it might also offer an insight into others in the newspaper industry who are still in business. Interested?



Oh yes, this is the kind of story I´d like to see. This, the Gucci´s, the Perfume, Zodiac... the dark materials of life.

As Maxwells private helicopter pilot, I would be delighted to assist in any way I can in this production.


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