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Rollins takes Wrong Turn 2 DVD

HenryRollins.jpgHenry Rollins is set to star in Wrong Turn 2, a direct to DVD sequel.

From The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon:

Rollins plays a host and producer of his own reality TV show titled "The Ultimate Survivalist," which features six contestants who will be thrown together for six days in a simulated post-apocalyptic wasteland. Located in a remote part of West Virginia, the contestants discover that they really are in a fight for survival against a family of hideously deformed, inbred cannibals.

Oh dear, I had to laugh when I read that blurb and it came to the last line. I love the fact they felt they had to concentrate on the "hideously deformed, inbred cannibals". If that's the focal point, god help the movie.

I believe the original was actually quite good, so the question is why is this going direct to DVD? One might also ask what's happening to Rollins, who at times has shown a strong ability for acting and looked like he could really make the transition across.

Well I'm certainly not interested in seeing this Hills Have Eyes meets Running Man...Damn, I swore I would never do comparisons like that, but I just couldn't help it!



Yes; I agree. But it is Henry Rollins, and he is always cool.


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