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Romero creating World of the Dead?

GeorgeARomero.jpgThere is growing speculation that George A. Romero is keen to push on with World of the Dead, a followup to the not bad, but not great, Land of the Dead.

Speculation from both Movies Online and Sci Fi Wire give us the impression it's a strong possibility.

Looking into the story further it seems that Simon Barker, star of Land of the Dead, has been talking about how much he loved working with Romero and on the Zombie film.

"Yeah, I love George," Baker said in an interview on the set of his new film, Sex and Death 101, at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on June 15. "I love that movie."

Really that's about as far as it goes, lots of backslapping and rumour. However from watching Land of the Dead it is clear that there is room for a sequel, and Romero has never hidden the fact that he would like to do it. Could World of the Dead be the next step for him and the Zombie franchise? It would make sense and perhaps round off the timeline of the Zombie plague really well...unless he ended it with people flying to other planets!

Is there an appetite (excuse the pun) out there for more Zombies from Romero?



HELL YES! Land obviously couldn't beat either of the first two Dead films, but I still had a fair bit of fun with it. If George is up for more zombie action, I think so will an awful lot of people be.

I have never seen the original Night of the Living dead...well...not recently enough for me to remember it. I never saw the original Dawn or Day of the dead either, though i'm looking forward to them now.

The newest "Dawn of the dead"...the one from a few years ago, seriously, was the best zombie movie ever in my opinion, slightly better than 28 days later.

When I FIRST watched Land of the dead, It irked me in many ways. I wrote it off...but recently I re watched it and was really surprised at how much I loved it. It continued the growing, mounting terror of what it would be like to live in a zombie ruled world.

I would LOVE to see a sea of zombies. I would love to see an army of men fighting zombies. I would love, also, to see what happened to the dude in Land of the Dead after he left Fiddlers' Green with Dead Reckoning. I say serve it up. I'd chow down on that plate of intrails anyday.

This rumour has been floating around for a while, at one point there was even a date for he beginning of a shooting schedule.


The original Night of the Living Dead is amazing, Mogulus. I also love the zombie subgenre, and Romero is the king of it.

Mogulus, if you've never seen the original Dawn of the Dead and liked the remake that much, you've really got to get your hands of the original. The remake is adequate enough but doesn't really compare.

the black and white version of night of the living dead is the best zombie film around.
i see they made remakes of night of the living dead and dawn of the dead is there any plans for a remake of day of the dead?


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