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Ryder returns in sex and death

WinonaRyder.jpgWinona Ryder is back in an unusual sounding comedy called Sex and Death 101. The film is about a man whose life is changed when he receives an email listing all the women he's ever had sex with as well as all the women he's going to. Sounds odd doesn't it?

Here's the low down from Variety through Coming Soon:

...Daniel Waters is directing...Waters wrote Ryder's character with the actress in mind, having worked with her on Heathers...Julie Bowen and Dash Mihok have also landed roles...

It's not her first role back though, she's also appearing in a quite strong sounding movie Alpha Numeric:

When Tea Baker, a beautiful, young investigative reporter for the New York Times cracks a worldwide human trafficking ring based in Moscow

Could we be seeing the rise of this actress once again? Has she escaped her slightly tarnished personal past and is this really something that's going to affect our view of her on screen?



I have always had respect and admiration for Ms Ryder's talent since I saw her first in "Heathers" then later in "Edward Scissorhands". But I started to be fond of her in "Mermaids" where she played one of Cher's daughters. I thought for someone that young to be able to stand her ground opposite Cher was just amazing. She then went on to star on my other faves like "Little Women" as the effervescent Jo, "How to Make an American Quilt", "Reality Bites". My favorite scene:
Interviewer: "define irony."
Lelaina: "Ehr, it's a noun, when something is ironic, I know it when I see it!"

She's done other numerous films and good roles (Dracula, Girl Interrupted) and I would like to see her doing so many films that showcase her talents. I was one of those truly upset that she was too burned out to play Mary Corleone in The Godfather III. So yes I'd like to see more Winona!


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