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Satan returns in Evil Seek

WayneKramer.jpgWayne Kramer has taken quite a turn in his career to bring the story of Satan coming to Earth in human form to pick a successor in Evil Seek. Sounds bizarre doesn't it, and it also sounds strangely attractive.

The story from Now Playing Magazine through Jo Blo tells us much more:

"It’s basically every 1000 years in hell, they elect a new Satan, so the reigning Satan has to come down to Earth, take over the body of a mortal and find his successor, the most evil person alive. And he wakes up in the body of an FBI profiler working a terrible serial killing case in LA. And sort of like Satan is the one moral guy in this film. And he has inherited a disgruntled ex-wife, a 15-year-old daughter who’s becoming all promiscuous, a lesbian partner. And he’s got no powers, just a nose for evil. And it turns out that when he starts investigating these bizarre killings, it looks like the killer’s trying to summon the devil."

You can read the full interview, which is rather lengthy, in two parts. Part one and part two.

It sounds bizarre indeed, but we're promised that it will be filled with dark humour and challenge the MPAA. For me, the dark humour bit better be dark and not in your face, last thing I want to see is a gory Little Nicky. However Kramer has also brought us The Cooler and Running Scared.



Wow.. If this is the guy who did Running Scared, I have full faith that this film will be gritty and gross and most likely fufill somewhat the idea of the Devil. This is heavy, and Kramer is good at working with heavy emotions.. Mostly fright.

Yea, this'll be good.


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