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Satirical Homeland Terror movie

Yes those words didn't seem to fit right with me either, but Miramax and the former editor of the Onion are developing a movie entitled Homeland Insecurity, a comedy about terrorism in America.

According to Yahoo News the story...

...will track the misadventures of two Arab-Americans who are mistaken for terrorists while on a business trip to Texas.

I don't know but this just doesn't seem right at all. I'm all for making movies about anything and I've always said that I don't think it's ever going to be the right time to have movies about September the 11th and such, but a comedy about the whole terror situation? I'm not so sure, especially considering the portrayal of Arab Americans.



How insensitive! Nothing is funny about terrorism. How cold-blooded can you get?

Is Peter Jackson involved?

If not they should get him on board and call it "Bad Taste II"


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