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Sean Bean is The Hitcher

SeanBean.jpgFinally some fantastic news for The Hitcher remake, Sean Bean is set to star as the Hitcher himself, taking the mantle from the previous manic madman Rutger Hauerr.

Actually I think this is a stroke of genius, over at Moviehole they remind us who the others in the running rumour mill up till now have been, and looking at that I think they've made an inspired choice.

Kevin Spacey and Sam Rockwell...

It's a shame though that once again Bean is cast as a baddie, I'd rather see him in a strong, positive lead, and he certainly has the talent and the presence to carry that off. However this is a superbly strong and iconic role for him, and if the movie can get over the rumoured poor plot changes, then it could turn out to be a really good role choice for him.



I will embrace this remake if that's the case.

And yes, more positive roles for Bean please!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this story....is everybody either a) too young to remember the utterly superb original or b) have the memory span of a goldfish?!?!

This is yet another case of the artistic bankruptcy of Hollywood and possibly one of the worst cases of autocannibalism that I've seen...

Hasn't it ever occurred to people to make ORIGINAL films for a change?

Mr Bean is a fine actor, but people are expecting the impossible if they seriously think he's going to top Mr Hauer's iconic performance


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