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Singer and Spacey talk Superman Returns

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgBoth Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer have been talking about Superman Returns, and through all the information we've heard before and the idiotic questions "what was it like to be bald?", there's a few interesting snippets to be had.

The interviews are over at SuperHero Hype for Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer. Here are some interesting quotes.

Singer reaffirms that the film was originally around 2 hours 45 minutes, and that the space flight scene early in the movie has been cut, however it may make and appearance on DVD and it's definitely perfect for a 3D IMAX outing.

[On producing an extended cut] No, I don't think I'll do an extended cut. Not at least in the DVD. I've never done that. Those are kind of weird you know. The director's cut. No this is the director's cut. You just saw it. They don't tell me what to cut. I'm not in a place in my career that anyone tells me that I have to cut anything or put anything in...

Q: If you do a sequel are you going to put off Logan's Run again?
Singer: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

Ah dammit, I want to know about that Logan's Run remake! My Dad needs to know Mr Singer!

There's more over the page on what Spacey had to say...

I have to include the answer from that being bald question, because he does give a good answer...and something I so connect with...

...it's actually kind of fun, because you can't stop touching your head. Has anyone been bald here? It's sort of weird, you can't stop touching your head, and then this other thing happens, it takes about a week to get used to, is that it's very hot. Because you know, when you put your hand on your head and you have hair, you don't feel it, but suddenly when you have no hair, it's like my head, am I sick? No, it's just the heat of my hand on my head.

You're not sick Spacey, you've discovered the joy of being bald. Now walk into a nightclub with lot's of drunk ladies and enjoy.

...in any of the characters that I've played, going back to I'd even say 'Swimming with Sharks,' which a lot of people looked at as a very dark, very kind of villainous character. You just don't think of them that way, so to me they're just incredibly complex and interesting roles to play.

I include that because if you haven't seen that movie then you really should, it's an excellent film and Spacey acts his socks off.

Q: Have you signed for a sequel to this? Spacey: I think they're probably gonna wait and see what happens,there's certainly discussion about doing a second one, and I would love to do a second one, if Bryan is at the helm.

Definitely the party line there. We won't see anything happen until we see the returns sky rocket for this film. It'll be interesting to see it. I'm sure it's going to capture me into the feel and excitement of the original, but I wonder if we're in a world where a complete Superman just doesn't belong anymore? Sure Superheroes, but we need them to be flawed and human, not perfect and all mighty.

The other thing to consider for sequels is the fact that Superman is indestructible apart from one green crystal...how much of that "almost beat him with the green crystal but failed" can we take? So I'm not so sure on the sequel front, returns or not.



Logan´s Run is the kind of movie who would do a great remake. Mr. Spacey seems to enjoy his role, I am sure he and Singer will do something else together.

Spacey talking about his bald head gives me (smiles) some recollections about japanese films. In Seven Samurai, the boss of the gang was always touching his head after shaving it.

It must be pleasurable to touch a bald head LOLOL

You make me laugh Peter. *winks*

Well I suppose since The Usual Suspects its no wonder Spacey and Singer get on very well. So yes, I cant wait to see how Spacey takes on the Lex Luthor role.


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