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Singer developing Harvey Milk film

BryanSinger.jpgBryan Singer is working on a story of Harvey Milk, the San Francisco Supervisor (I'm unsure what that role entails) who, the story says, was the first openly gay man to hold the role and was assassinated along with the Mayor by a fellow Supervisor. The real life story sounds compelling and is entitled The Mayor of Castro Street.

From Planet Out comes the story:

He and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated in 1978 by another supervisor, Dan White, who was sentenced to only seven years in prison for the crimes.

Outrage following the verdict led to widespread rioting in San Francisco and police retaliation, then to activism and change as the tragedy unified the LGBT community...

..."(Milk's) an extraordinary character, as a person in history," Singer said. "We're developing a story based on him that will probably center around the latter period of his life, leading up to his assassination."

Singer's quotes show that he has much admiration for Milk and what he achieved, even after his untimely death. There have been a number of directors attached to this project in the past, but it appears that Singer is the one to take it forward.

I will be very interested to see Singer directing this, as he develops a picture that isn't all sci-fi and superheroes. However, I need to see Logan's Run on screen way before anything else. What about you, do you think it will be interesting to see Singer's talents on other genre's?



Keep mind that Singer's already directed three non-SF/superhero films (Public Access, Usual Suspects, Apt Pupil) plus a couple of episodes of House. So we have a reasonable amount of evidence for his abilities outside the SF/superhero mode. I'll probably be seeing Superman Returns next week, so will use that to help me gauge for myself whether or not I'm liking what he does. I was a big fan of Usual Suspects but the two X-Mens did nothing for me.

I knew someone would be picky when I wrote that...

...okay, non sci-fi, superhero, fantasy, etc...i.e. not a reality based story. I would say House comes closest and I would give you Unusual Suspects at a push, but that's it.


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