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Singer out of Logan's Run?

BryanSinger.jpgThis story has me worried. I've seen the quotes before where Bryan Singer has said that he's exhausted and drained after Superman Returns, but this story makes us think that he might actually be clearing his own slate for sometime, and that means no to directing Logan's Run.

The story comes from Dark Horizons through UK IGN.

Are you or are you not going to direct Logan's Run?

Singer: At the moment I'm not, at the moment I'm buying myself sort of a vacation of the mind. I need to because this film and all the things I was doing simultaneously with this film were a monumental stress to me, both physically and mentally...I have to take a mental break and actually not have any scheduled demands. Something comes up, and on vacation so I'll probably want to go back to work at some point but for that movie, that's a huge movie, potentially a huge movie and I was not ready to dive into it.

Oh dear, I am now officially concerned. I hope that movie gets held until Singer is ready for it, or that it gets passed to a writer\director who will have the same reverence for the original material and is both a good writer and director. What I'm really concerned about is that this starts to get passed down the line and misses out on being a great movie, in the process ruining the memory of the original.



The good news for is it will give me a chance to watch the original with plenty of time do it too!


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