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Singer reveals how Brando returned

MarlonBrando.jpgIn the new Superman Returns film, the great Marlon Brando is back as Jor-El, Superman's Dad, and Bryan Singer reveals just how they did it.

From UK IGN we hear that there were "hundreds of hours" of unused scenes. Hundreds of hours? I hardly think that much, however Singer tells us his take...

"They gave us access to anything and everything," says Singer. "It was very thrilling once we had that access to go through the ADR sessions and look at all the footage Donner had done. It was pretty extraordinary."...

...While sifting through the hours of material, Singer saw tons of Brando bloopers...

..."They're very funny, and to have access to that was great." The Brando estate allowed for the use of a few bloopers in Singer's documentary Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman. "There are a couple at the end during the rolling credits. It was just a little touch of those bloopers."

More reason to look forward to this movie, but I really do wonder how Brando would think of how his image is being used these days. On Superman I feel this is perfectly legitimate, after all he already played the role, but the use of his picture, scanned image and voice in games, I just don't know if this all belittles the image of one of the biggest movie stars we had. Thankfully though, we can revisit him as Jor-El.



Brando didn't exactly help his own image with some of his choices, mind you.

Choices with regards to what James?

In Sky Captain they did the same with Laurence Olivier. The results were shocking. I imagine the a hypothetical future in which no actor will be needed: movies played by holographic recreations of old actors. Angelina Jolie par to par with Marilyn Monroe, or Humphrey Bogart in an ultraviolent noir along with Jessica Alba. Shiny, boring, and made for us.

Choices with regards to his acting roles (should have specified that more clearly)—perhaps not so much the films he made as the ones he refused to make. He had a string of flops through the 60s, then did The Godfather and Last Tango In Paris back to back after three years of not working, then didn't do much more after that and kind of coasted on his own iconic status, demanding ridiculous sums of money for not much effort.


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