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Singer reveals Superman Returns cut scenes

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgBryan Singer has been talking about some of the cuts he's made from the big screen release of Superman Returns, and tells us about the longest scene that was originaly at the beginning of the movie and may make an appearance on the DVD release.

According to Sci Fi Wire the opening sequence showed Superman returning to his planet flying in a crystal space ship.

"I cut a [version of the] film that was about two hours and 45 minutes ... that I showed to friends and family," Singer said. "And watching with a group of people, we're watching the movie unfold, I felt that ... it was really interesting on its own and could deserve a life. [But] somewhere else. On DVD. Or, maybe, I think it should be on 3-D IMAX. ... It's very elegant, but, ... in the context of this movie—where this movie needed to be and what it needed to be about—I didn't feel it...

...I had no time restrictions. There was no pressure whatsoever. I just felt, ... the movie doesn't need this. And I did something else instead. It could exist later, in this form. I think it would be coolest in 3-D, because of just stuff that's flying around."

That's not the only cut made though, there are other scenes that he talks about...

"There'll be some deleted scenes, some really charming scenes, some wonderful things that existed beautifully on their own, moments that were wonderful," he said. "I had a tough thing [to cut]. ... James Karen was in the picture, and he plays this gentleman, Ben Hubbard, that Martha Kent has been involved with. And ... it's wonderful. They're wonderful beats, and, ... hopefully, those'll be there."

Singer also mentions that apart from DVD, the opening scene would look fabulous in 3D on an IMAX.

Sounds like there will be quite a lot on that DVD release, I hope they include the option to watch the scenes in sync with the actual movie, that always makes for much fuller viewing. I wouldn't mind a two hour, forty five minute movie at home. Would you? How do you like seeing your deleted scenes, if at all?



I think the way they did it with the extended versions of the LotR films where they included all the deleted scenes with the actual movie, the deleted scenes come up with an asterisk in your DVD sleeve.

If the movie fails at some degree, they can always claim it´s the "director´s cut" factor. Tricky cheats... yet I trust this movie a lot.

Singer has yet to let me down since The Usual Suspects, I have big hopes for his take on Superman.

I hated that it pulled out the return to krypton sequence shown in the first teaser trailer. They should have made that part of the opening credits at least as opposed to what we saw in the actual film. It would have made far more sense in the film actually. Singer made a mistake.


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