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Sony want Hanks and Howard

DaVinciCode_Poster.jpgSony are openly stating that they want both Tom Hanks and Ron Howard for the Da Vinci Code sequel-prequel Angels and Demons, and yet there is no word from either.

From Slate.com through Moviehole comes the quote:

"We are definitely planning to make this movie [“Angels & Demons”] with Ron Howard and Tom Hanks," Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal tells Slate.com.

Rumours are swirling that Sony may be considering replacing Hanks with a younger male lead, being that a) “Angels and Demons” is set before the events of “The Da Vinci Code” and b) Hanks reads reviews, too.

Well he may read them, but returns speak louder, and I think they have. What is interesting is that Clint points out how full both the directors and the actors slates are. Hugely busy. Will there even be any time for them to make the movie? Could they make it without Hanks and someone else in the role? I actually think that they could because he never totally fitted the role for the fans of the book.



Yeah bring the dream team back.

I for one would like this adaptation, it reminds me so much of The Name of the Rose, I mean no offense to Umberto Eco of course as his work is much much superior than Brown's.


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