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Spanish thriller gets remake

Ausentes.jpgThe Spanish thriller Ausentes (The Absent) is getting a Hollywood remake and the original director Daniel Calparsoro is being taken along for the ride.

From The Hollywood Repoter through Coming Soon comes the news that Hollywood is looking to take talent from other film industries and not just Asia.

Rogue Pictures will remake the Spanish thriller Ausentes (The Absent), which Doug Davison and Roy Lee will produce via their Vertigo Entertainment, says The Hollywood Reporter. Spanish helmer Daniel Calparsoro, who directed the original, is attached to develop and direct the redo.

The story follows a woman who moves to the suburbs to recover from a nervous breakdown but begins to suspect that there is something sinister about her new town and that her family might be involved.

No writer is yet confirmed, but it will be interesting to see if Calparsoro can manage where most Asian film-makers have failed. Can he make his movie in Hollywood without becoming Hollywood?



Have you seen it Rich?

Nope I haven't, but it's now on the list.

I haven´t seen it either. It´s a fact fantastic cinema in Spain is a shy, yet steady stream. It seems Hollywood focus his lights everywhere, as it happened (sadly) with Japan horror films.

I checked the rating in IMDB, it's sitting at 3/10.


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