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Spider-Man 3 new Goblin picture online

Spiderman3_Poster.jpgThe first glimpse of the new Goblin from Spider-Man 3 is online, and it's quite a different look from the original. Captured from the trailer, you can see a new style mask and outfit, looking more like a street skater than a green faced evil creature, and a blurred but slightly different glider.

You can check it out over at Jo Blo.

What do you think? Looking good, or is it flying in the face of tradition? Or do you even care and just want to see Venom on screen?



This would be my one reservation of the teaser trailer - I'm not crazy about the design for GG2.

I think the glider looks kinda good although it looks completely different to that from Spider-Man.

I've uploaded two stills from the trailer myself which give a slightly different view of the glider. You can check them out here and here.

This one of only my two points of contention with this trailer.

I do think this may be an early design and possibly may be refined somewhat come release but I can see where they're coming from. It's much more primative than GG and it's a little more representative of Harry's age I guess. I really don't hate it, but it just doesn't sit with me for some reason.

The second weak link for me was "Emo Peter". I really think that his styling looks cheesy with the dark hair and dark clothes. The should have roughed him up a bit instead of making him goth. But I can see who they're trying to sell this movie to. Still, just doesn't convince me. Especially with the faux gothic stylings of Toby Maguire. Just not convincing enough.

All said, it's gonna rule so I'm sure Raimi isn't quaking in his boots at my comments...

"Hey, some Irish dude hates the new Goblin. Get the production designers in!"

"But Sam, it's 4 in the morning!"

"I don't care! We need the emerald isle on board for this one! Gos help us all.... God help us all!"

I wouldn't go as far as saying he's "goth". Maybe the black hair is a result of the symbiot. Same was as when he got bitten by the spider in the first movie, his body changed. Perhaps the alien symbiot has the same effect on him now.

As regards his clothes, there's only one scene in the trailer has him wearing "all black" (with Gwen Stacy).
It's quite plausable that he could be at a function of some sort and is simply wearing a black shirt.

I’m looking forward to the movie a lot, but the new Goblin costume strikes me as pretty poor. I don’t think it will affect the overall affect of the movie, but it does seem pretty lame.

I think they MESSED up the symbiote spiderman suit. It also seems that everyone is forgetting that Peter Parker was venom first.

And if the new goblin looks different it's probably because its Harry Osborne not his dad Norman Osborne.

i think the new goblin is awesome he was better than the first and i should know i saw the movie. Plus he is hot, well Harry was hot anyway. Well he was great. and whoever says different must be cursed.


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