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Spider-Man 3 trailer leaked online?

Spiderman3.jpgThe Spider-Man 3 trailer has been promised in a matter of hours on Apple, however someone couldn't wait and it's been leaked onto the Internet in a lower resolution version, but none the less it's here...allegedly!

Just a little word of warning, the trailer comes through Digg at slashFilm, and I haven't been able to verify it's authenticity as yet, but it does look like it could be real. The comments are leaning towards the positive of the trailer, although one claims it's a fake. Have a look and see what you think, and tell me because I can't watch it right now.

Fake or real? Pretty soon we'll have the hi-res Apple trailer to look at as well, but my hands are itching...I'd love to click on it!

Update: It's also available over at Kristian David according to AICN. You guys will have to do the detective work for me. Are they the same trailer? Is it good, or are you waiting until the Apple one appears around 10pm US time?



On quicktime trailers site at 2:30 PM Eastern Standard time says the site, which I'll be waiting for because the link to the leaked trailer says too many users crashed the site and to go to Apple at the time.

Damn...Oh well, saves us all peeking at a poor copy.

The trailer looks AWESOME! Just waiting for Apple to open the doors....


Thanks for the update xpgeek...I'm just about to watch it.


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