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Spider-Man 3 trailer...finally

Spiderman3.jpgThe Spider-Man 3trailer has been online in Quicktime formats for over an hour, so if you haven't seen it yet, you must not be a fan. In case you haven't...

You can see it in all it's Quicktime glory over at Apple Trailers [QT:S:M:L:HD:iPod], and it's superb. Breathtaking almost.

However, for me there's been a little bit of over exposure on the old set photos front for this to have the big dramatic impact I wanted. It's still great and hit me hard, getting me right into the action and building the tension well, but it just had the edge slightly taken from it.

One thing I did notice is the time spent on the dark side of Spidey...Hopefully Venom is featuring much more than we originally thought. What did you think of the trailer? Excited now?



just watched it and am officially hyped! It's going to be a long wait till next summer...


I doubt Venom will be featured heavily, mainly the symbiot / Spider-Man in the black costume / Parker's struggle with the darkside.

"Venom" the character will only be a cliffhanger for 4, with Brock being taken over by the symbiot. Still, the teaser trailer was excellent. Did everything a trailer should do - get people pumped and excited.

Oooooooooooooh! Burn!

A certain webmaster form the "distinguished competition" (to coin a comic-book term) is being roasted. Need to be open to criticism.

I am now more looking forward to this than Superman. The thunder has been stolen.

Evil Dead? Simple Plan? The Gift? Darkman?.... Sam Raimi is my God. And Bruce Campbell, my Christ. If they lose Raimi after the trilogy, they should've offered him more money. I'd give him 100% of the gross and live off the merchandising! The man can do no wrong.

This is how Hollywood should make movies.

You've got me on that comment Rynndar, what's that first bit all about?

The rest, well said.

Well Rich, there's a whole load of flaming goin on over a TMB over Campea not liking this trailer. I won't go into it because I just dont wanna give him the coverage here but you can check it out for yourself.

I can't believe how much of an about-turn this teaser has made me do on Superman. I'm sure SR will be great but I just can't wait for this. How do you feel about the two in comaprison?

Thanks for that Rynndar, now I've got you.

Comparison, that's an interesting point. I had thought Superman looked awesome, but the more and more I've been seeing of footage, the more plastic\sheen covered it looks...you know, polished CGI. The last one I saw before Tokyo Drift had me smiling but not all gee-d up like the first Superman glimpse had.

I wonder if this same thing will happen to me with Spiderman as they release more and more footage, but just seeing this has upped my excitement levels amazingly high, and pitched it way higher than Superman.

That's in my eyes of course.

I think that seems to be the general gist online.

But I'm still finding it fascinating trying to quantify what exactly it is that's getting me so much more excited than Superman. They're both huge productions, both massive budgets, big name actors/directors.

Maybe it's something to do with the fact that we already know something of what to expect from Spiderman having seen the first two. Or maybe it's just that magic x-factor that you can't just put your finger on. Just chalk up to whataever floats your boat I guess.

I agree about the impersonal "polish" of Superman though. Beginning to feel just a bit wooden. Here's hoping though.

Spiderman should stop stealing Superman's thunder!!! GRRRRRRRR

I am ignoring this trailer until after I've seen Supes, I know it's childish but hey...


Dont you growl at me!

Fair play for your will power. Everything should be judged on it's individual merits. Realistically though, that rarely happens. And why do we have to wait to see SR? That should've been a surefire worldwide release shouldn't it? What gives? Why am I asking so may questions? Will you read my next post to find out why? Maybe not.

Well, it seems this trailer will go just before Superman.

Why not take the best of both worlds? Anyway, we have to wait a year for this sequel, and Superman is now on my target, more than anything.

Rynndar, I wasnt growling at you, that's how charming I can get. And you know I always love reading your posts. Where have you been again anyway? :)

Yes Peter, Superman is our target indeed! *winks*

All in good jest Simone!

Besides I usually have to pay a girl to growl, I'm flattered! ;P

My life is just a series of interruptons. I had exams, was/am I'll, and my girlfriend surprised me with a trip away for my birthday.

Rich also helped me get a writing gig over at cinemablend aswell. Much props to him again! I'm in the music section right now but will be moving on to games and dvds too. Keep em peeled.

I'll be damned if I'm staying away from here though. Who'd start all the arguments?!

HAHAHAHAHAHA You got me really worried there Rynndar, I was going to ask Richard for your email and beg for your forgiveness!

Ahhhh so that's where youve been! Writing here and there, loving it I suppose, influencing people with your views? LOL Again, just kidding!

The thing is, I dont really know why I never got into Spiderman, something must be horribly wrong with me.


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