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Spider-Man 3 villain confirmed

Spiderman3.jpgAnother villain has been confirmed for the Spider-Man 3 movie, and this time it's straight from the big man himself, Sam Raimi. Now just to avoid spoilers I'll leave you a little gap here and not reveal the name until the main story. However there is a little news on the trailer appearance that isn't a spoiler.

The trailer for Spider-Man 3 will appear before Superman Returns. I presume once again that this means in the US only as last time an announcement like this was made over here in the UK the trailer lineup wasn't the same. However, worth keeping your eyes out for it.

Now, onto the meat of the story...

According to reports from Superhero Hype through Film Rotation Venom is definitely in the movie although he won't be appearing until the end of the film, thus giving a clear line for a sequel...we would hope. Couple that with the news that Avi Arad has retained control over the Spider-Man movie franchise despite his departing with Marvel, and you know that there's going to be more. Probably just not with Raimi helming.

The story comes from a reader who just walked up to Raimi on set when he was busy doing nothing, engaged him in a bit of conversation, and Raimi was happy to talk about it all. Seemingly unsuspecting that this was going to be poured all over the Internet!



I read that "scoop" on Superhero Hype and I wasn't thoroughly convinced of it. I'm pretty sure that if I got the opportunity to talk to Sam "the fuckin' man" Raimi about Spider-Man 3 and he gave BIG details like he apparently did.... I'd have hung onto his EVERY WORD and would be able to quote without hesitation.

I too predicted long ago that Venom would appear, but only as a cliffhanger to set up Spidey 4, so this could be more fanboy wishes.

If it's true... excellent. It means they have an entire movie to concentrate on the Spider-Man/Sandman feud, plus potential Harry Osbourne as Green Goblin/Hobgoblin.... along with setting up the back story of Eddie Brock and his hatred of Parker, etc, etc....

Well good morning - or afternoon for my friends accross the pond.

If it's rumors you want then how about this one.

If you check out the cast list for Siperman 3 on IMDB - you will see the following:

Dylan Baker .... Curt Connors Ph.D./The Lizard

So, the question is, will we see the creation of The Lizard?

Too many characters in a film just ruins it for me.

1 lead character(plus love interest) plus 2-3 baddies(plus sometime there love interest) , add in overdone special effects, 2-3 monolgues and hey presto xmen 4(err i mean spidey 3)


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