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Spider-Man 4 confirmed?

Spiderman3_Poster.jpgWhat are the chances we might get to see Venom running rampant as the main baddie in Spider-Man 3? In the movie to come everyone reckons we won't see that much of him, but will we see him in Spider-Man 4? Perhaps if it is made, and according to the special effects company, it may be a certainty.

Through SuperHero Hype point to an article about special effects over at Computer Graphics World they have an excellent article all about the art of scanning humans into computers for the movie special effects, and in it they let slip something about another Spiderman.

Digital effects supervisor Peter Nofz...is enthused about what he calls "the next leap" in 3D scanning: instant photographic scans. "These photographic scanners will get the information and provide much more accurate meshes instantaneously," he says. "I hoped we would see it for Spider-Man 3 but now it's [likely we'll have it for] Spider-Man 4."

That's close as I've heard it said so far, mind you with looking at the potential returns and merchandising I don't think it's a huge leap to imagine a Spider-Man 4 being made. The other question is will they get the same crew back on board? I would think that would go without saying. What do you think? Is it merely a hopeful comment, or could this be a definite reference for another movie?



Sounds about right to me. I'm just worried that this is the watershed for Raimi et al. Will they be able to hold the cast/production team together or will people want to bow out while people want more?

I could watch Dunst leave but they really do need to keep this thing together if it's to be done right. I'd love to see them do it with Venom but I'm not sure with a new director/cast.

Obviously, Venom will be a essential part of the fourth. There is no space for a complete development in the third movie. Raimi can leave the building, and the franchise can perfectly continue.

I don't know if it's that simple.

I'm sure Raimi is not the only director capable of bringing Spiderman to the screen but the fact is, he was the one chosen to do it, and whoever else chooses to do it must follow him.

The fourth movie could be killer but if it's not in the same spirit and in line with the first three, will people accept it? And if you're just gonna pay someone to do Raimi's style, shouldn't you just pay him more money anyway and keep the die-hard fans happy?

Hearing the things he has to say on this movie and the way he has created almost his own original stories within the spiderman universe, I just don't see it being easy for someone to carry on what realy is his baby.

I think there's a killer part of 4 that would make it easy for a Director swap, because the eyes would be on Venom. That's such a huge character in the story that it could easily be used to hide the cracks in a film, the previous baddies have been excellent but not as scene and even film stealing as this one.

If you're going to slot in a new Director it would seem to me that the place to do it is for Venom. He could control the tone of the movie and it could slide a different direction a lot more than the Green Goblin, Doc Oc, or Sandman.

That's my opinion anyway, I'm sure that others have their own favourite enemies, but for me Venom is the one that stands apart from the rest.

I cannot help but feel that if they're going to continue this story then all the key actors have to remain on board. That includes Kirsten Dunst for me. I've never been blown away by her performances in the previous 2 films but I still think the character of Mary Jane is an integral part. If you're going to take her out of the next few movies, I think it would be a bad move to close the door on her completely. I mean come on, what better climax to the whole Spider-Man story arc than to have Peter and MJ finally together. The story began there, I think it should come full-circle.

I definitely think a re-cast of all the main players would be a huge mistake.


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