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Star Trek Intrepid from Scotland

StarTrek.jpgThere's a new Star Trek movie in the works, and it's from Scotland. A small group of fans of the series have developed their own film, and the trailer is online. Star Trek Intrepid "Heavy Lies the Crown" is the title.

You can see the official site, along with a comprehensive trailer selection [QT:S:M:L:DivX] and a nice little bloopers section. It all looks very cool from there, and the trailer (minus sound on my work PC) looks good, especially with the CGI. The Guardian has the details...

Behind the door of the top floor tenement flat near the centre of Dundee, a new world is taking shape. Beside the fridge and next to the spice rack sits the interior of an intergalactic vessel, painstakingly recreated from old kitchen cabinets and table tops, camping lights from B&Q and grey spray paint. The captain's chair came from MFI, the material for the professional standard costumes from the local Remnant Kings...

...The plot centres on a group of civilians who want to colonise a planet on the far edges of the galaxy, but can only travel if they are accompanied by a Star Fleet vessel. The key theme is how the two groups work together in adversity.

More about the filming over the page...

Location shots were in Glen Doll, Angus, which produced its own challenges including torrential rain and curious hillwalkers. "Sheep kept going mehhhh! just as we were about to film," said Nick Cook. "That was a major problem." Although most of the film has been produced in Dundee on a shoestring budget, there is copious use of CGI effects, and even a walk-on by a Texan police officer who filmed his bit part and emailed it in. The score has been created by a South African musician living in London, and Trekkies across the world have shared knowledge and special effects...

...The final edit is now taking place, and Steve Hammond estimates the film will be ready by the end of the year. Mindful of legal issues, they can't make any money from the enterprise, so it will be posted on the internet for free download.

The Guardian article is very good and includes some humour which just exemplifies the challenges of working on a small movie...

The captain of the USS Intrepid is experiencing a little technical difficulty. "It was working earlier," he says, giving his phaser a shake. "It does light up. Oh, there we go. I probably just need to change the batteries."

There's also a production blog on the go, although at this stage it may just be a little late for it.

Are you interested in these Star Trek fan films, and what do you think of the trailer for this one?



This really is one of the better ones I've seen. There's some real crap out there but these guys seem to have a serious handle on what they're doing. The props look wicked and the production photos are great.

They do alot better on the FX front than the other series/films aswell. Might try and get ahold of this if it's gonna be downloadable at any stage.

I'll keep my eye on it then, and perhaps drop it into the Filmstalker Feed List.


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