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Sunshine teaser online

Sunshine.jpgThere's a new video clip out for Danny Boyle's film Sunshine over at the Sunshine site, Boyle introduces it himself and what follows looks to be an early timecoded trailer clip.

From Movie City News through Twitch, comes the link to the Sunshine video page on the Sunshine site.

If you head on over and select the video titled Video: Danny Boyle Intro, you'll get to see the clip. It looks good, has that dark and cramped space film clip, but it doesn't tell us much about the story. What is noticable is the diverse cast, and just how good they look on screen.

I'm really interested in this movie and how it's going to turn out...what do you think after seeing this?



this looks excellent and ithas cillian murphy in it as well.

he has to be one of the actors to watch out for.

actually, has he done many other films besides batman begins?

He was the lead in Wind That Shakes the Barley - a film about the early IRA days. Check the review in the review section. He was okay in it.

Looks pretty good so far. I do generally like Danny Boyle but thought 'Millions' was a bit of a duffer, so let's hope this is a return to form.

He was fantastically creepy in Red Eye though the movie itself was a popcorn thriller. I still enjoyed it.

I think we'll be seeing a lot of him in the coming years.

The few movies I've seen him over the years I've enjoyed his performances, but the most memorable was 28 Days Later, which was when he first caught my eye.

Meli, thats an excellent description of his characters so far.

i wonder if he is creepy in real life as well...


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