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Superman Returns not so good?

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgThere have been early industry screenings of Superman Returns already, and the news is not so good. Let's bear in mind that these people are probably not the atypical superhero fans, but this is still concerning none the less. Have we perhaps just seen all this before?

From Jo Blo comes the worrying news:

...SUPERMAN RETURNS was screened to a bunch of 'industry folk' in L.A. last night and from what I've heard from most of my contacts who saw the flick so far...it's "...good, but not great." Several people talked about how Lex Luthor's character simply didn't work in the film, especially his "big plan" (lame, apparently), but that Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth were great and that the directing was well done. "Singer's an amazing film-maker. But I think his take is a little too out of touch for today's audiences (especially the young/urban crowd). Ultimately it's too much of a chick flick with not enough action and a weak villain."

Wow, those are very strong words, it's by no means slating it though and they are saying it's a good film, but just not blockbuster enough, and it all seems down to a poor script rather than actors or director.

As JoBlo himself says though, is it going to stop people going? I think it won't even stop one person going, it might even make more go to see it! Would it stop you?



Ehr actually, I am relying on your review Rich. If you give it a 5 stars, I MUST see it opening weekend, if you give it less than a 5, I will not be itching to see it straight away, maybe a week or two after.

Why waiting? Better to check it for oneself if t´is good or not.

Once again, not OVER-excited for Superman Returns but I'm still gonna go. If for nothing more than the buzz of a packed theatre on opening night. I still think Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest is going to be the big one.

The comments from JoBlo are kinda funny though because the impression I got from the trailer is that Routh / Bosworth looked a little awkward (still can't believe Bosworth to be Lois Lane) and that Spacey looks like he OWNS this movie!

I can´t help to say Pirates of the Caribbean is the worst crap I have seen in a cinema in almost all my life. It´s my personal opinion, but I even felt physical pain watching that amazingly silly movie. The only good thing about it was the FX, and even so. No wonder it´s a franchise now.

Superman will be like a billion times better.

It won't stop people going because, let's face it, this is An Event (capital letters used advisedly) we're dealing with here. I'm not half as excited by the prospect of this film as I was by that of Batman Begins, and so I haven't exactly been hanging out for it. Despite which I'll probably see it anyway. I suspect an awful lot of people will wind up doing the same, going to see the film whether they really want to or not purely because it's a big hype event.

And a modern Hollywood blockbuster with a mediocre script? Surely not.

I take your point Peter. I didn't see Pirates of the Caribbean in the cinema, had to wait for the DVD release but I was surprised. I wasn't expecting much and I didn't think it was great by any stretch of the imagination. But Johnny Depp was without a doubt the saving grace of the movie. He was fantastic, and well worthy of his Oscar nomination.

But the trailer for Dead Man's Chest looks like it has the perfect blend of everything one could want in a fun Summer blockbuster.

Just the first glimpse of the awful costume design they have given Superman (Red parts too dark* belt too far down his waist, S-Symbol too small) has warned me not to expect too much from this film.

I mean if they cannot even get that right...

* reminiscent of the "Evil Superman" seen in Superman III.

Oh come on Morbius, that's just really being TOO picky. Is that all you are really concerned about, the Superman costume? Hey Rich, is it true that the UK release is 14/07 and not 28/06?

i'm hearing great things about it.

if people think you have to be "in touch with the urban youth" to make a good movie, they need to stop worshiping at the Spike Lee altar and realize not everyone in the world wants to be innundated with that culture.

Besides. Not every film has to be as socially revelant as "crash", now does it?

We're looking at a 14th July release...it's on the Watch List on the front page...well it will appear nearer the time.

Superman's costume is an integral part of who he is and what he is about Simone.

The cosume didn't need tweaking and the results are less than satisfactory. If the film makers feel the need to tweak that then what else will they feel the need to tweak?

We had the same thing in Singer's X-Men where he put them in leather and made jokes about "Yellow Spandex". (Not that their comic book costumes were ever made of Spandex.)

The only crash I like is Cronemberg´s. Paul Haggis´ Oscar winner is boring to death, man!

Lately, I am very critical.

Funny that you and The Movie Blog's Campea are running the same story with (I presume) the same source, yet are saying the opposite things...

Since I rarely agree with John, I'm taking your advice for now, but the whole idea, execution and marketing of Supes 2006 have left me yawning so far...

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is the big summer blockbuster I am waiting to see, it seems the perfect kind of summer popcorn movie to me. Superman while it might be a good movie if you like that sort of thing, I don't like that sort of thing or any of the previous movie and TV adaptations of the character except maybe the Justice League cartoon. I really am not interested in the love life of superhero's etc., nothing against romance in movies, there’s a time and a place for it, but personally I don't enjoy it in a super hero setting, so I have no interest in this. I am that one person that the reviews both positive and negative are putting off as it’s just not what I want from a comic adaptation, but I can see why they did it and think it will be a great movie for the demographic it’s aimed at.

I am very glad to see how people respect each other in this site. My opinion about Pirates was a little strong, didn´t mean to offend anyone, yet nobody was offended! I am more than pleased to write and be here.

Does that mean it will move you to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Peter? ;-)

Peter was totally offended by your opinion of Pirates! ;) In my opinion, it's a touch childish to blast someone for not liking the same movies you might.

Now, since I LOVED Pirates for all it's campy fun I'm very much looking forward to the next installment.
Yes, I'm even looking forward to it more than Superman.

I've never been wildly excited about Superman and nothing in the marketing has given me reason to jump up and down with anticipation.

I think it'll be a good movie and that it won't be the disappointment I found X-Men to be.

LOL @ Meli. I am using a Jedi mind trick here. *winks*

But I agree with his observation, most posters here are not easily offended and very respectful of what you have to say even if you strongly disagree with most of them.

Did you just say you were disappointed with X3? But how??? Why??? Y'know I am being cute right? ;-)

Simone, you must be joking.


Well i saw the movie today in imax 3D and i must say it wasnt anywhere neer as good as it was all hyped up to be. For one the credits in the begging where extremely long. Next the story of why he left was very weak. and last louis was a freakin tramp in the movie she was cheating on her husban with superman which would of been ok if the guy didnt treat her well, but he treated her better then superman. Anyways i conclude that Batman begins was much better than superman returns.


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