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Superman Returns score online

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgThe entire musical score for Superman Returns is online for you to listen to, and I mean the entire score, coming in at a whopping fifty five minutes and ten seconds.

I'm off to tell my Dad about it right now, and you should definitely listen to at least the opening section, when you hear that music kick in you can't help but smile and be transformed to the first time you sawy him fly. The last ten to fifteen minutes are strong and full of memories too.

The score is availalbe in multiple streams, Windows Media Player High Quality and Real Player High Quality. The lower quality versions can be found through SuperHero Hype.

This definitely just captured me, and I listened to the full score! I'm so hyped up for the movie.



The very beginning definitely gave me a tingle, but it kinda petered out after that. I know that it is an absolutely iconic theme, but it still feels a little bit dated.

If you think of the Batman movie with Michael Keaton and the subsequent Batman Returns, many would immediately identify Danny Elfman's score to those two movies. But for Batman Begins they tried something completely different with Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, and it worked fantastically well.

I think a slightly different approach to the Superman theme could have worked well.

Whoaaa....... John Ottman makes a reverence towards John Williams and then he flies by himself... the score reflects what this movie will be... oh my God!


Oh wow!!!! I better go get a soundtrack!!!

Wouldnt mind to listen to this on my iPod!

You can never replace the main theme of the Superman soundtrack, and it looks like they didn't do that and had lots of fun with the rest too.

The Batman Begins soundtrack isn't memorable, while its good, it's not memorable, and replacing what is arguably the best film score ever would be wrong, and it is in no way dated, as far as i'm concerned.

Patiently waiting for Filmstalker's review on Superman Returns. *winks*


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