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Superman Returns slips in reviews

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgThe amazing strong review record of Superman Returns has begun to slip.

Over at Rotten Tomatoes the reviews have fallen from a superb 100% to an extremely good 88%. Nothing to worry about, but when you read some of the critics snips you do feel a bit more of a drop.

"Bravura technology and dazzling effects can't overcome the film's shortcomings: Standard plot, poorly conceived villain flatly played by Kevin Spacey, and similarly wooden performance from newcomer Brandon Routh (who lacks humor) in all of his roles." - Emanuel Levy

"It's terribly cast, poorly conceived, extremely light on action, features a romance that is not remotely romantic, doesn't feature a single memorable, "gosh, that was great" repeat-to-your-friends moment in a positive way..." - David Poland, Movie City News

There are other reviews there that are, of course, pounding it high. There are also a couple of warm reviews, and these two poor ones. I wonder if this is a film you're either going to love or hate? Perhaps some people are just against Superman returning, or maybe it is really bad and critics are gushing? Us mere mortals will have to wait for Superman to come to us...



I remember reading a great quote from Gary Oldman who said that when making Batman Begins, Michael Caine made an interesting aside to him about Superman and Batman, the former being how America views itself, the latter darker character being how the rest of the world views America.

Perfectly put my Sir Michael Caine. It was always obvious that the majority of reviews for this movie were going to be positive - given that a lot (if not all) reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes are American. Let's be patriotic. Let's support what's ours. We stand for all that is good. Let's do it for our troops. Yada, Yada, Yada....

Don't get me wrong, I do not by any stretch of the imagination hate America... I wouldn't even say that I dislike America, if anything I like America (given that I have "vacationed" in Florida every year since I was 7.... and I just said "vacationed"... see, I even talk the lingo!)

Will it be a film that you will just either love or hate? Probably not... I think there could be a few in-betweens.

And isn't it strange that Emanuel Levy's review (which kinda blasted most of the main points of the movie) is ranked as a positive review?!


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